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We empower homeowners to order oil with confidence that they’re getting the best price.

  • The average home is served by 16 heating oil companies. (Long Islanders have 72 oil companies to choose from.)
  • It's important to price shop before every order. Provider inventory costs vary daily. The cheapest provider today won't be cheapest tomorrow.
  • Heating oil prices are updated 3x/day.
  • Heat Fleet provides a complete landscape of provider pricing and price history.

Heat Fleet Champions Homeowners

An active member of national and regional trade associations, we promote price reduction by introducing online commerce to the industry.

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We take payment processing security seriously.

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Heat Fleet: The Largest Heating Oil Marketplace In The World.

Home Energy Prices Are Surging

Every homeowner in the Northeast is bracing for astronomical heating bills this winter. Home heating fuel prices – natural gas, propane, and heating oil – have skyrocketed with jaw-dropping speed. For example, in New Jersey, the average heating oil price has vaulted from a palatable $2.26 per gallon to an eye-watering $4.23 per gallon!

Heating Oil Homeowners Have A Choice Of Providers...

A huge advantage you have by heating your home with oil is that you’re not locked into a utility monopoly. The average homeowner has more than 10 oil dealers serving his or her neighborhood, and Long Island residents have 72 (!) Providers to choose from!

Choice has many privileges:

(1)Price-shopping: You can shop for the best price.

(2)Reliability: If one provider is unable to deliver, you can call another.

(3)Customer Service: Heating oil companies are owned and operated by your neighbors in your community. When you call, they answer the phone. You’re not getting some public utility monopoly’s robotic touch-tone voicemail maze. When you have a problem, they will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you out.

...But Price Shopping Is Time Consuming

Price-shopping for heating oil has historically been a time-consuming hassle: calling every provider, every time you place an order.

Heat Fleet Provides Instant Price Shopping AND Secure Online Ordering

With the tap of your finger, Heat Fleet serves up a complete price list of all the local heating oil dealers in your neighborhood, along with and an easy, secure online ordering system to schedule deliveries. A heating oil delivery marketplace providing savvy homeowners with the best priced deals from reliable oil companies near you.

Since its invention the 1920s, a trademark of the home heating oil industry has been small family businesses, handed down from generation to generation, offering personalized service. As with all industries, small family businesses tend to be slow to adopt new technologies. The majority of discount heating oil companies still rely on providing quotes and taking orders by phone.

For budget-conscious homeowners who use heating oil, price shopping has historically been a time-consuming process. Enter Heat Fleet: In less time than it takes to dial the phone number of a single heating oil company, Heat Fleet serves you the best prices from all the heating oil companies near you.

How It Works

  • The Heat Fleet team spends thousands of hours a year exhaustively researching each county’s heating oil providers, hand-picking companies with the best prices and reliability.
  • We invite these companies to join The Heat Fleet and post deals to the marketplace.
  • You enter your order details, and we display the best heating oil delivery deals from providers serving your neighborhood.
  • After browsing, you select a deal and place the order with our secure payment processing system.
  • We instantly transmit the order to your selected provider’s dispatcher, who schedules your order on or before your desired delivery window date.
  • Your order is filled, and we send delivery confirmation to your inbox.

Unlocking Home Energy Value For You


The Heat Fleet enables oil companies to reduce prices.

A heating oil company sets its prices using a simple calculation: the sum of the costs of the oil, trucks, drivers, office staff, advertising, plus a fair profit. When a company joins The Heat Fleet, the company can slash marketing and advertising costs, and in turn, drastically reduce prices.


The Heat Fleet enables oil companies to maximize deliveries per truck, reducing prices even more.

If a provider has a handful of route vacancies tomorrow, the provider can activate a Heat Fleet Flash Sale for tomorrow to fill the vacancies. These deals are a win-win for you and the provider: you lock in an unbeatable price; the provider maximizes capacity utilization, leading to even further price reductions.


The Heat Fleet enables homeowners to price-shop on every order.

The majority of oil companies purchase oil with 22,000-gallon fixed-price contracts, and then sell that oil over the proceeding few days. Because oil prices change so quickly, it’s unlikely that the company with the best price today will also have the best price in a month when you place your next order. Heat Fleet’s deal-board makes it easy for you to price shop for the best price on every order.