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Best Oil Prices By State

Updated on July 19, 2024 at 10:19 PM

Connecticut Oil Prices

from $2.88 per gallon/gal

Massachusetts Oil Prices

from $2.75 per gallon/gal

New York Oil Prices

from $2.91 per gallon/gal

New Hampshire Oil Prices

from $3.20 per gallon/gal

Vermont Oil Prices

from $3.60 per gallon/gal

Rhode Island Oil Prices

from $2.90 per gallon/gal

Maine Oil Prices

from $2.90 per gallon/gal

New Jersey Oil Prices

from $3.05 per gallon/gal

Pennsylvania Oil Prices

from $2.95 per gallon/gal

Long Island Oil Prices

from $2.91 per gallon/gal

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As an active member of national and regional trade associations, we promote oil price reduction by introducing online commerce to the industry.

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Heating Oil FAQ's

What if oil prices change after I order, but before delivery?

Your price will lock, when you place order.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

Credit card orders: You don’t need to be home.

How much oil should I order?

95% of homes have 275 gallons oil tanks, and if you have around 1/4th tank, we recommend ordering 150 gallons to take advantage of bulk discounts, which typically kick in at 150 gallons.

What is a “cash/check deal” and why is it cheaper than a regular credit card deal?

Many oil companies offer a discount for cash or check payment because this avoids credit card fees. If you grab a cash/check deal, the provider contacts you prior to delivery to arrange payment.