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Piro Petroleum

Discount Heating Oil Company

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Phone:(203) 846-3835
Address: 6 Honey Hill Rd Norwalk, CT 06851
Payment:Credit Card
Registered Name:Piro Petroleum
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Budget Plan12 equal monthly payments
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Office hours

DayOffice Hours
Mon8:30am - 5:00pm
Tues8:30am - 5:00pm
Wed8:30am - 5:00pm
Thurs8:30am - 5:00pm
Fri8:30am - 5:00pm

Piro Petroleum's Fuel Terminal Accessibility

The closest wholesale heating oil terminal (“rack”) to Piro Petroleum is sprague in Bridgeport, CT. The distance from the company to the terminal is 12.42 miles, which is 8.13 miles than average for Connecticut oil companies.

Terminal accessibility affects the prices that oil companies near you charge. Unless Piro Petroleum has on-site storage tanks, Piro Petroleum’s trucks need to make multiple daily trips to the rack to purchase oil. At today's average Connecticut diesel price of $3.94 per gallon, and an average tanker truck fuel economy of 6.2 mi/gal, Piro Petroleum's round-trip fuel cost to pick up oil is an estimated $15.77 per trip.

Oil Terminals Near Piro Petroleum

Terminal Name LocationDistance (miles)
Photo of T-06-CT-1256 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


Bridgeport, CT12.42
Photo of T-13-NY-1360 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


Mt. Vernon, NY16.52
Photo of T-06-CT-1274 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


New Haven, CT28.03

Is Piro Petroleum One Of The Best Companies Near Me for Great Heating Oil Prices?

The family-run Piro Petroleum has been conducting business in the neighborhood for more than 30 years. They provide their services within a 25-mile radius of Norwalk, Connecticut, and are known for their quality expertise and customer service, as well as their unbeatable heating oil prices. Frank Piro, a lifelong resident of Norwalk, Connecticut, with familial links to the region reaching back to the early 1900s, launched this business in 1986. Piro is the best option when you need dependable home heating oil service. The team is composed of highly-trained professionals who care about your project. They will listen and respond to your needs by providing top-quality work at a fair and equitable price so that you can feel comfortable knowing that they are genuinely concerned about you and your business. Piro Petroleum is here to offer you professional services if you need a petroleum contractor.

Piro Petroleum Makes Heating Oil Delivery Easier With COD Heating Oil Prices!

Welcome to the friendliest neighborhood oil company in Connecticut! Piro Petroleum truly gives you cozy vibes by providing affordable heating oil prices to their area. Piro Petroleum is a cash-on-delivery company oil business that provides comparable services at a lower cost. They also offer will-call as an alternative if you would rather keep track of your heating oil consumption and contact them when you need a delivery. They are pleased to help you whether you need a one-time delivery or want to start using will-call frequently. Not just that, their means of payment will never cause a hassle since they accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash when the driver arrives. You only need to call once to order their high-quality home heating oil or sign up for automatic delivery service. Piro Petroleum is the best option for you whether you need a one-time hassle-free delivery or want to make sure you never run out of oil in the middle of the night.

Experience Piro Petroleum’s Most Excellent Heating Oil Prices & Deliveries

Stay away from the dreaded early-morning run-out in the cold. Piro Petroleum's automated degree-day system tracks the weather every minute of the day to determine how chilly it is outside. They can predict your heating oil needs at any moment and set up automatic delivery schedules for your convenience. Thanks to the automated delivery program, you will save more time instead of worrying about scheduling your delivery. Choosing Piro Petroleum is the most effective strategy to cut your heating oil costs. They provide timely delivery, annual cleanings, and 24-hour emergency service at reasonable prices. All of their customers pay the same low fee regardless of whether they prefer one-time or recurring delivery. After all, poor efficiency can be costly! At Piro, they are proud of the quality of work, their dedication to the clients, and the value they provide. Learn how they can assist you with your heating oil by getting in touch with them right now. So stop letting your hard-earned money go up in smoke and see how much you can save on home heating oil prices from Piro Petroleum. Call Piro Petroleum at (203) 846-FUEL (3835) immediately. They are open every Monday to Saturday, starting 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Photo of Piro Petroleum flag denoting best heating oil prices the company offers

Piro Petroleum Cash Heating Oil Delivery Map

Piro Petroleum offers heating oil delivery in Norwalk and 24 more towns in Fairfield County and the surroundings.

Fairfield County: Weston, Riverside, Redding Ridge, Old Greenwich, New Canaan, Greenwich, Fairfield, Cos Cob, Stratford, Trumbull, Stamford, Redding, Westport, Ridgefield, Redding Center, Norwalk, Greens Farms, Georgetown, Darien, Bethel, Easton, Bridgeport, Wilton, Southport

Map With The Piro Petroleum Heating Oil Delivery Area Shaded In Blue

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