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Omni Energy

Discount Heating Oil Company

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Phone:(203) 850-7200
Address: 40 Ford Ave Waterbury, CT 06708
Payment:Credit Card
Registered Name:Omni Energy
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Mon8:30am - 5:00pm
Tues8:30am - 5:00pm
Wed8:30am - 5:00pm
Thurs8:30am - 5:00pm
Fri8:30am - 5:00pm

Omni Energy's Fuel Terminal Accessibility

The closest wholesale heating oil terminal (“rack”) to Omni Energy is buckeyees in New Haven, CT. The distance from the company to the terminal is 21.27 miles, which is 0.72 miles than average for Connecticut oil companies.

Terminal accessibility affects the prices that oil companies near you charge. Unless Omni Energy has on-site storage tanks, Omni Energy’s trucks need to make multiple daily trips to the rack to purchase oil. At today's average Connecticut diesel price of $3.94 per gallon, and an average tanker truck fuel economy of 6.2 mi/gal, Omni Energy's round-trip fuel cost to pick up oil is an estimated $27.01 per trip.

Oil Terminals Near Omni Energy

Terminal Name LocationDistance (miles)
Photo of T-06-CT-1265 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


New Haven, CT21.27
Photo of T-06-CT-1274 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


New Haven, CT20.43
Photo of T-06-CT-1258 flag denoting best heating oil terminal


New Haven, CT20.57

Omni Energy Offers Affordable Heating Oil Prices Per Gallon

They charge a dollar for reservations, and during the week of delivery, they give heating oil prices that are, on average, ten percent lower than anyone else can provide. This is the most advantageous discount they provide, bringing the total fee to an average of 25 cents less than what is quoted. You must provide your information, choose your area, and reserve delivery when an offer becomes available. Please also note that this option is only available in specific neighborhoods, but if your community needs to be added to the list, let them know! They can always perform a test run and get you a reasonable offer! They are confident that their products and services are well received by their clientele because they try to develop meaningful connections with them and make an extra effort to meet their needs. Since they spend time talking to their consumers and marketing to them while providing further discounts, they save time going to their competitors' websites to shop around and compare prices. Sometimes, it's true, they will discover that they're giving lower pricing, but if this turns out to be the case, they will provide you with a refund for the difference! Notify them as soon as possible, and if they confirm that someone else is selling the item at a lesser price in your city, on that day, they will issue a return for the difference to the payment card you used. Plus, you will only have to spend time going from store to store in the days leading up to your delivery.

Is Omni Energy One Of The Best Companies Near Me for Great Heating Oil Prices?

They offer services related to CT HVAC in almost every city and municipality in Connecticut. You can contact them as soon as possible for a cost estimate. Don't forget to ask them about their amazing heating oil prices, too!

Omni Energy Offers Unbeatable Heating Oil Prices & The Best 24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Services

Omni Fuel offers furnace repair and installation services in the areas of Connecticut. Their company has been providing quality service to homeowners for years! They are known for their excellence in 24/7 customer care by offering competitive heating oil prices, quick response times, and top-quality products. Call today at 203-850-7200 to schedule your appointment!

Omni Energy Delivers Affordable Heating Oil Prices

Do you want a discount of $0.05 on your next oil delivery? Omni Energy's offers reliable heating oil deliveries to keep your family warm and safe, especially in the brutal winters of Connecticut. The process of signing up for automatic oil deliveries is made simple for customers by Omni Energy. First and foremost, Omni Energy does not demand any long-term contracts, and you are free to discontinue your service whenever you like. You can use their "Try Before You Buy" service or sign up immediately. They will take care of the rest; you have to enter your contact information, billing information, and basic information about your home and then fill up your location. Stay warm with Omni Energy – a company that has serviced its clients for years. They offer reliable heating oil deliveries in CT at competitive heating oil prices. Their friendly customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any inquiries. Call them today at 203-850-7200 or email them at service@myomnienergy.com.

Photo of Omni Energy flag denoting best heating oil prices the company offers

Omni Energy Cash Heating Oil Delivery Map

Omni Energy offers heating oil delivery in Waterbury and 3 more towns in Fairfield County and the surroundings.

Fairfield County: Stevenson, Botsford, Sandy Hook

Hartford County: Bristol, Southington, Milldale, West Hartford, Plainville, Berlin, East Berlin, Burlington, Avon, Plantsville, Marion, Unionville, New Britain, Farmington

Litchfield County: Watertown, Washington, Harwinton, Terryville, Plymouth, Oakville, New Preston Marble Dale, Litchfield, Bridgewater, Bantam, Woodbury, Washington Depot, Torrington, Thomaston, Roxbury, Pequabuck, Northfield, Morris, Lakeside, Bethlehem

Middlesex County: Middlefield

New Haven County: Prospect, New Haven, Bethany, Wallingford, South Britain, Oxford, Meriden, Cheshire, Naugatuck, Middlebury, Waterbury, Woodbridge, Hamden, Southbury, Seymour, North Haven, Derby, Beacon Falls, Ansonia, Wolcott

Map With The Omni Energy Heating Oil Delivery Area Shaded In Blue

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