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Aroostook County Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting an Oil Company

For Aroostook County homeowners heating with oil, selecting which of the 5 heating oil companies that serve Aroostook County is an important decision.

Full Service Oil Companies: Homeowners willing to pay a premium for a “set-it-and-forget-it” heating system choose one of the 7 “full-service” oil companies that serve Aroostook County. Full service companies such as Daigle Oil Company or Daigle Oil Company offer automatic fuel delivery and furnace repair under a single roof.

Discount Oil Companies: Also known by the names “COD Fuel Companies” or “Cash Heating Oil Companies”, these companies are for the budget-conscious Aroostook County homeowner. In return for better prices, you monitor the oil level in your tank and place an order when you run low on oil. Examples of cash heating oil companies that serve Aroostook County include DOC Daigle co and Dead River Company Llc.

Aroostook County Heating Oil Company Fast Facts

Heating Oil Companies Serving Aroostook County: 5 companies

Average Number Of Aroostook County Homes Served Per Company: 967 homes

Average Gallons Delivered per Aroostook County Oil Company: 693,745 gallons per year