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Heating Oil Deliveries

Cash Heating Oil Delivery

Old Name. Big Savings.


In the 1960s, when heating oil replaced coal as the northeast’s primary heating fuel, homeowners bought heating oil “on credit,” meaning that the homeowner was mailed a bill after delivery of the oil, and had a month to pay the bill, by check. (This has nothing to do with credit cards – credit cards hadn’t been invented yet.)

Because some customers did not pay for oil they received, oil companies needed to raise prices to cover these losses. A group of savvy oil company owners realized an opportunity: an oil company could eliminate the cost of defaulting customers by collecting on delivery the payment, rather than after delivery. The “Collect On Delivery” (COD) breed of discount oil company was born. Because many customers preferred paying with cash, the name “Cash Heating Oil” company also became popular. Whether you call it “Discount Heating Oil” or “COD fuel” or “Cash Heating Oil,” it’s all the same: the best price heating oil delivered to your home when you need it.

Do cash heating oil dealers take credit cards?

YES. Today, virually all cash heating oil companies take credit cards.

The Cash Discount: Even more savings

While you always have the option of paying with a credit or debit card, some companies offer even better prices for payment by cash or check because this saves the company a 2%+ credit card processing fee. When you opt to pay with cash/check, the oil company will contact you to coordinate either meeting the driver to remit payment, or hiding the payment (e.g. under your doormat) for your driver to pick up at the time of delivery.