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Granby vs Roth

Granby Steel Tanks

Granby steel tanks are the most common home oil tank, usually in a 275 or 330 gallon size. There are four openings along the top, which gives you an extra opening to fit an auxiliary attachment such as a Smart Oil Gauge.


275 gallon vertical Granby steel oil tank is by far the most common home heating oil tank. It features four legs on the bottom, four openings along the top, and one opening on the bottom. The four openings on the top accommodate the fill line, vent line, float gauge, and a Smart Oil Gauge. The second most common Granby fuel oil tank size is the 330 gallon variant. Whereas the 275 measures 5′ long, the 330 measures 6′ long.

Granby tanks start around 138 gallons and can go up to 330 gallons, with both vertical and horizontal orientations to fit in crevices within your home. If you are looking to replace your home’s tank and you currently have a Granby tank, buying another Granby would be optimal as the spaces for the tank’s fill and vent pipe would match up with your new tank.

Due to the design of Granby tanks, installing an additional tank on top of an existing one is relatively easy. After a technician connects the two fuel oil tanks, you will have the combined capacity of both tanks and be able to order heating oil in bulk at low rates through Heat Fleet.

Roth Double-Wall Oil Tanks

The main alternative to a Granby tank is a Roth Double-Wall tank. Roth tanks are bunded, meaning an internal plastic tank is surrounded by a metal tank. Plastic tanks do not corrode, which is the benefit of the nested model. Even if the plastic tank is somehow damaged, the metal tank will stop the oil from spilling onto the floor of your home.

Although Roth tanks are smaller and generally easier to move than Granby tanks, most installers are more familiar with Granby tanks and might struggle with installing Roth.

unlike a granby oil tank, roth oil tanks are bunded

Roth fuel oil tanks also feature four openings on the top, but unlike Granby tanks, this does not leave an opening for an additional gauge. You have to choose between a float gauge or a smarter option.

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How to Choose Between Granby Steel Tanks and Roth Double-Wall Tanks

Check the chart to your right to see key differences between Roth and Granby tanks. Roth double-wall tanks are more expensive, but offer a better warranty. Granby is a better choice if you want a guarantee any installer will be able to set it up and maintain it if needed. It is also a better choice if you want to buy oil in bulk as you can combine multiple tanks.


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In summary, choosing between a Roth double-wall tank and a Granby depends a lot on your personal preferences. The path of least resistance tends to be replacing your existing tank with the same style tank. This will likely reduce labor costs and make the job easier for the HVAC technicians. For a smaller footprint or better warranty, consider investing in a Roth double-wall tank. In either case, make sure to discuss tank gauge options. The Granby will allow you to have a float-style heating oil tank gauge, as well as a Smart Oil Gauge. Ensuring you are able to keep an eye on your tank remotely is a must for 2020.

The choice between Roth and Granby oil tanks boils down mostly to personal preference. Usually when replacing a tank, it’s best to rebuy the same brand as you used to have to make installation easier. If you want a lighter tank with a better warranty, Roth is likely your ideal tank. If you like having a standardized tank that can be upgraded easily, it might be worth investing in a Granby tank.