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Cities In Vermont with Local Oil Delivery Deals

Vermont Heating Oil Trends

Last year, Vermont homeowners purchased a total of 92 million gallons of heating oil.

Short Term Trends

Vermont’s overall heating oil use varies from year to year, primarily depending on how cold each winter is. As the temperature outside gets colder, homes’ heating systems need to burn more and more oil to keep homes warm. Last winter in Vermont, the average outside temperature was 14.0° F warmer than the prior winter's average outside temperature.

Vermont Average Winter Temperature

Heating SeasonAverage Temperature
Winter 2022 - 202338.2° F
Winter 2021 - 202224.2° F

Vermont Heating Oil Delivery Overview

96,989 households in Vermont heat their homes with fuel oil. This makes oil delivery essential when Vermont thermometers drop as low as 42.5° F each winter.

40% of Vermont Households Rely On Heating Oil Delivery Each Winter

Vermont HouseholdsVermont Heating Oil Households

39 Vermont Oil Companies Go the Distance

With 92 million gallons of heating oil delivered to Vermont homeowners during the winter of 2023, the Vermont community relies on its 39 oil companies to keep warm.

Oil delivery is a two step process: First, an oil truck picks up oil at the nearest bulk fuel terminal. In the case of Vermont, two of the closest terminals are Sprague in So. Portland, ME and Buckeye in South Portland, ME. Then, the truck delivers the #2 heating oil to homes and businesses in Vermont.