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New York Cash Heating Oil Delivery Map

Map of the COD Fuel Oil Delivery Service Area for NY

Propane vs. Natural Gas vs. Heating Oil: New York Home Heating Fuel Comparison

Homeowners have a variety of home heating fuels to choose from. Natural gas is the most popular choice in New York, used by 4,165,386 or 60.88% of homes. The 2nd most popular choice for New York homeowners is heating oil, used by 1,283,110 homes (18.75%). The remaining homes are heated with electricity (911,371), propane (273,665), no fuel (122,306), and other fuels (170,138).

New York Primary Home Heating Fuel Popularity by Number of Households

FuelNew York Households % of Households
Natural Gas4.1M60.88%
Heating Oil1.2M18.75%
No Fuel122,3061.79%
Other Fuels86,8921.27%

Natural gas (60.88)

Heating oil (18.75)

Electricity (13.32)

Propane (4.00)

No fuel (1.79)

Other fuels (1.27)

Wood (0.98)

Coal (0.12)

Solar (0.12)

#2 Heating Oil (Fuel Oil) Use in New York

Heating oil has become less popular in New York. In the 8 years since 2014, the number of heating oil homes fell from 1,793,457 to 1,283,110, a 28.46% drop.

New York Heating Oil Households (2011 - 2022)

YearHeating Oil Households

Propane vs. Natural Gas use for home heating in New York

Between 2014 and today, the number of homes using propane as the primary space heating fuel rose from 165,326 to 273,665.

Between 2014 and today, the number of homes using natural gas as the primary space heating fuel rose from 3,643,999 to 4,165,386.

Electricity use for home heating in New York

Electric space heating systems are becoming more popular in New York. Since 2014, the number of homes heating with electricity rose from 645,865 to 911,371, a 41.11% increase.

Solar use for home heating in New York

Solar is the most environmentally friendly of all space heating fuels. With an “active” solar heating system, liquid is circulated between solar panels on a home’s roof and a heat energy storage tank in the basement.

Currently, 7,947 homes in New York are heated with active solar arrays. This is a 278.79% increase from 2014, when only 2,098 homes had installed active solar heating.

New York Heating Oil FAQ's

How much is home heating oil in New York?

Home heating oil is $3.32 per gallon right now, on average in New York. Today's oil prices in New York range from the cheapest price of $3.00 to the most expensive price of $4.10 right now per gallon for a 100-gallon heating oil delivery, depending on the oil company you use and the delivery address.

How much does heating oil cost per month in New York?

Heating oil costs $2334.84 per month in New York (averaged over 12 months), totalling $30352.92 per year. On a cost per delivery basis, this equates to 4 deliveries of $7588.23 per delivery.

How much heating oil will a home in New York use in the upcoming week?

In the upcoming week, the temperature in New York is expected to drop to a low of 61°F. The average 1,500 square foot house will burn 194.57 gallons of heating oil.

How does the price per gallon of heating oil in New York compare to the national average?

Today, The New York average heating oil price is $0.03/gal cheaper than the U.S. average.

How many gallons of heating oil does a home in New York burn annually?

A 1,500 square foot home in New York uses an average of 10117.64 gallons each year.